Ground floor plan
First flor plan

When rebuilt it was said that the house contained 60 rooms and had 365 windows.

The entrance hall was unusually handsome and this led to the lower hall and ballroom with its floor sprung specially for dancing, and its walls, together with those on the staircase, covered with the most valuable Persian rugs.

The rooms were all finished in very distinctive styles; for example one bedroom was Jacobean while another was Elizabethan, and some of the main bedrooms, of which there were 20, were named after a King or Queen. The Drawing Room was in Louis XVI style with glass doors bordered in gilt, the walls clothed with priceless tapestries and the fireplace was made of French veined marble. The billiard room was walled in Moroccan tooled leather, with a domed ceiling and a fireplace large enough to accommodate a small car. The smoking room floor was of marble and its walls of cedar wood.

Artists and artisans were brought to Rosehaugh from Italy, Germany and other parts of Europe to paint the wonderful frescoes on the ceilings and carve the many fine woods used.