Katie Gak

Katie Gak - The above pictured lady had her own boat that she used for ferrying passengers from the steamer "Rosehaugh" anchored further out in the Firth to shore. She would carry these passengers on her back to dry land from her rowing boat. One day she was carrying a local estate keeper, with whom she had had a disagreement, when she 'accidentally' dropped him in the water. The laird had her portrait painted in oils and it hung in Rosehaugh House. When that building was demolished the painting was given to the village by Mrs Shaw Mackenzie and it was hung in the Bank of Scotland until the branch closed when the portrait was given to the Heritage Association for safekeeping. When the Heritage lost their premises it was placed in the Church of Scotland. A copy of the portrait in watercolour was made for Letham Grange and this also was given to the village by the Fitzroy-Fletcher family and it hung in the pavilion until it was decided to display the Herring Queen pictures there and it too was given to the Heritage Association for safety. It is now, temporarily, in the guardianship of the Masonic Lodge.