Lilian Fletcher

Lilian Maud Augusta FletcherLilian Maud Augusta Fletcher - prior to her marriage, Lilian Stephen, youngest daughter of Colonel Fitzroy Stephen CB, lived with her father at Avoch House and was a frequent visitor at Rosehaugh.

She married James Douglas Fletcher in 1909 and the whole of the Black Isle celebrated the event. Almost every home in Avoch was bedecked with streamers and flags.

A painfully shy person, Lilian involved herself in local affairs, presiding over local societies and charities as befitting a laird’s wife.

Outliving her husband by 26 years, Lilian continued to run the estate much as her husband had done. Remembered as a remote and dignified figure whose strength of character was well admired, she died in 1953 and was buried alongside her husband.


  Lilian Fletcher

Courtesy of John Shaw of Tordarroch

  Lilian Fletcher with James Douglas Fletcher  

James Douglas Fletcher and Lilian Maud Augusta Fletcher in Ceylon. Courtesy of John Shaw of Tordarroch


chriskennedys”Chris Kennedy’s” - There was a large sandstone house with large gardens below Arkendeith Farm. It was the family home of Lilian Fletcher before her marriage to J D Fletcher. The house was occupied until the 1930s but then it became a ruin and was demolished in the 1960s.