Violet Hope

Caroline Violet May Hope, only child of Colonel Montagu Hope and Constance Maud, only daughter of James Fletcher, was born on 11 September 1878. After his marriage was dissolved in 1882, Montagu Hope, fourth son of George William Hope of Luffness, East Lothian, brought up his daughter alone at Bothwell Castle. He died in 1890 and in 1898 Violet came to stay at Rosehaugh with her uncle, James Douglas Fletcher.

In the photographs from the albums at Brodie, Violet is often seem with her beloved Siamese cat, Thomas, and her carriage ponies, Lady Harriet and Rhona, who went with her to Brodie. She played an active part in the social and political life of the time, taking the platform during her uncle’s campaign for Parliament in 1900, running a bazaar in 1904 for harbour improvements, and as her albums show, helping to entertain many prominent Highland figures of the time at Rosehaugh. She clearly endeared herself to the people in the village; one village family named their cottage after her, Violet Cottage, and their fishing boat the Violet M Hope, INS 263

She lived at Rosehaugh until 1904 when she married Captain Ian Ashley Moreton Brodie, DSO, MC of Brodie Castle, Moray. In time Violet and Ian had three sons, the youngest of whom, Ninian, is the current Brodie of Brodie.

Violet Hope and her ponies, Lady Harriet and Rhona, Rosehaugh, 1903 (Courtesy of Brodie of Brodie)
Violet Hope at the presentation of a trophy, in front of the Fletchers’ bungalow on the golf course. Courtesy of Brodie of Brodie

On the occasion of her marriage she was presented with a writing desk by the children of Avoch School and a silver mounted blotter from the people of Fortrose. These can be seen in Brodie Castle. Violet Brodie of Brodie received an OBE in 1920