Spy Trial – Gulty or not guilty?

A spy trial was held in Whitehall, London, in August 1915. The accused was Ludovico Hurwitz-Zender. The local element to it was that a witness at the trial was John MacLean, of the Station Hotel, Avoch.

Here is John MacLean’s testimony:

John MacLean, Hotel-keeper, Station Hotel, Avoch, Ross-shire, states:

Prior to May last I was manager in the Imperial Hotel, Inverness.

I recollect a man giving his name as Hurwitz coming to the Imperial Hotel, Academy Street, Inverness, on the evening of Wednesday 21st April and engagng a bedroom.He stayed in said hotel until Saturday 24th April.

On arrival, he signed his name in the visitors’ book as Ludovico Hurwitz.Y.Z Glasgow and said he came from Glasgow but said he was born in America and as far as I can remember he showed me a passport. I told him he would require to go to the police office and register himself and he afterwards told me he had done so. He had only a square travelling case in his possession.

I do not think he did any business with any person in Inverness, at least he did not mention it to me that he intended doing so.

He made no company with anyone in the Hotel and appeared very reserved in his manner but could speak English fluently.

On 24th July I was shown this man’s signature in the visitors’ book of the Imperial Hotel, Inverness, and I identified same.

On 2nd August I was shown by police a photograph of a man whcih I identified as that of the man that signed his name as Ludovico Hurwitz.Y.Z in the visitors’ book referred to. He looked older in the photograph. On same date I signed an extract from the said visitors’ book of the signature of Ludovico Hurwitz.Y.Z Glasgow, which is a true one.


(signed) John MacLean

2nd August 1915

Receipt from the Imperial hotel for Ludovico Hurwitz-Zender’s stay.