Sir Alexander Mackenzie

Sir Alexander Mackenzie’s Canadian Daughter
Hello!  I’m following a lead regarding Maria Mackintosh (sometimes Brown) being a natural daughter of Sir Alexander Mackenzie; she was baptized as such in 1805, only a few years before he moved to Avoch permanently.  I believe she was cared for initially by Sir Alex’s sister Margaret (Mrs. James Dowie) before she married Robert Munro.  I wonder if there are any resources you might connect me to in my search?  I’d certainly appreciate any help you could provide.  Thanks for pondering.  Regards – S.

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  3. The words were later inscribed permanently by surveyors. The site is now Sir Alexander Mackenzie Provincial Park and is designated a First Crossing of North America National Historic Site . Burial site of Alexander Mackenzie at Avoch Parish Church in the village of Avoch, Scotland; including a replica of the stone he painted at Bella Coola.

  4. Hi I am researching Mackenzie Shaw line. Mother Anna Shaw nee Nesbitt was sister to ancestor. Does anyone have any information.

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