At the harbour

INS151 “The Integrity”, Skipper George Jack, 1965
Monday morning, early 1960’s. Boats take on fuel from Colin MacArthur’s lorry before setting out.
Skipper William Macleman and crew of the “Primrose” get help from Gwn Tanner with his lorry to shift the heavy black nets in the late 1950’s. Also in the photo are William Reid and J A Patience.
Crew of the Heather Lee in Avoch harbour
Her crew had just finished “working the prawns” and returned home to Avoch to overhaul their dual purpose boat, the Heather Lee.
Left to right: John MacLeman (Skipper), Andrew and Jimmy MacLeman (brothers of John), Jimmy Patience and Simon Jack
The crew of “Guide Me” prepare the nets for Kessock herring fishing. Note the stones on the left which are attached to the bottom of the nets