Lilian Elford

James Douglas Fletcher and his niece Lilian, at Rosehaugh.

Lilian Elford, later Shaw-Mackenzie, was the niece of Lilian Fletcher. Shortly after the First World War, she came to stay at Rosehaugh. Lilian spent many happy years there, growing into a well-respected young lady. She became an experienced horsewoman and even from an early age would accompany her uncle on his rounds of the estate, perched on the pummel of his saddle.

Fondly known as “Miss B”, Lilian was an extremely popular person. This fondness was reflected on occasions like her 21st birthday and marriage when she received gifts from estate tenants and locals alike.

Miss Lilian Elford at Rosehaugh. Courtesy of John Shaw of Tordarroch.
Lilian’s coming of age celebrations at Avoch.

“Miss Lilian Elford was presented with valuable gifts on the occasion of her coming of age. In front of the party are Rev Thomas Kerr, Avoch, Colonel Stephen of Rosehaugh, Miss Lilian Elford, Mrs P [section of text missing] oldest tenant on the Rosehaugh estate who made the presentation, and Mrs Elford.”

In 1933 Lilian married Captain John Shaw-Mackenzie from the neighbouring estate of Newhall. Later known as Major and Mrs Shaw-Mackenzie of Tordarroch, Lilian resided in Newhall until her death in 1990.

Captain Charles John Shaw-Mackenzie of Newhall and Miss Lilian Elford on their wedding day at Rosehaugh in 1933. Courtesy of John Shaw of Tordarroch.