Bridge Street

Bridge Street looking towards Toll Road – note the telephone box outside the post office on the left

Bridge Street, Avoch. The buildings in the foreground are the old Post Office (where the Avoch Heritage Association used to hold its exhibitions) and the Station Hotel. On the hill is the old Free Church tower and below it is the war memorial. Toll Farm and Inverleod House lie between. On the far left of the picture is the old bakery and just over the wall peeps the thatched roof of Baldie, the smithy’s cottage. The gardens in the foreground are thought to have belonged to the old Manse.

In 1829 the bridge over the burn was washed away by floods, and was replaced by a higher arched structure, similar to Henrietta Bridge, and which lasted until 1974. The date 1687 can be seen carved on a stone in the modern bridge.