Fisher men

Souther wind, souther
and blaw my father
hame to my mother!

John (Jock) Leitch – was a fisherman of Avoch who was at the “sailings” – i.e. when the boats had sails. His descendants still live in Avoch today.
John MacLeman from Avoch. (foreground right), aboard the Burghead drifter Resolute
George Murray (rght), originally from Buckie, married an Avoch girl. The manilla rope coils he is sitting on is used for netting.
Whitby Harbour – Avoch men fished at Whitby from August to October for herring. Yorkshire saw many Avoch boats; the Marigold and the Primula were the last two boats to fish Scarborough waters.
The Summer Rose AD594. The Summer Rose was an Aberdeen registered boat but the men aboard her were Avoch fishermen who were well travelled!
Left to right: Danny Reid, George Patience, ?, Steven Summer (Peterhead), James Patience, Robertson Buchan.
Donald and Geo. Will Jack on brother’s Gem, a Fraserburgh owned boat.

Avoch fishermen at Ullapool
Alex MacLeman and George Patience relax at Ullapool