Lovat Scouts

“H” Squadron Lovat Scouts, commanded by Major D J Baillie of Lochloy. The camp photograph was taken at Beaufort Castle in 1913. Included in the picture are A J Mann, Muiralehouse, J Macdonal, Newton, and D McIver, Rosemarkie.
Hugh Mackay
Alex Mann
Daniel MacIver
Danny MacBain

John S Nairne lived at Rosehaugh, was educated at Fortrose Academy and worked at the Royal Bank of Scotland in Inverness, prior to enlisting in the Lovat Scouts. During an advance on the Western Front he was dangerously wounded, and lay for 2 days and nights in a shell hole until being rescued. At hospital it was found necessary to amputate both legs to the knees. His own presence of mind, in preventing blood loss, saved his life.

HIs widow, in her nineties at the time of writing, lives in Canada.